Top Ten Random Things in my Stunt Bag

This is certainly not the blog I promised, but I’ve been on set a lot in the last few weeks, and I’ve decided to start some Top Ten Lists… because it amuses me…

Stunt Performers carry around a stunt bag. Generally the bag is full of pads – knee pads, elbow pads, hip pads, armadillo (back pad) – every pad possible. These pads are generally as low-profile as possible so they can’t be seen under clothes. I also carry some bigger pads, for rehearsals, or when the costume can conceal them (I’ve never personally experienced that last – but it happens). These pads are for me, or to lend to the actors if they need protection.

But there are some things in the pad bag that are not pads. Some relate to stunts, and some are just good to have on set in general. Here are ten that you might not expect:

10. Change of Clothes. (I once had to lend an actress my pants, you never know. You also never know when you’ll come home covered in fake blood). I will add: Comfortable Warm Footwear!! (You don’t want to get stuck in stilettos all day, or sandals in the winter!)

9. First Aid Stuff. (Advil, Tensor Bandages, Traumeel, Athletic Tape, A535, for obvious reasons.)

8. Moleskin. (To be stuck to hands, etc. if you’re taking a fall on concrete).

7. Notebook. (I’m always learning and I like to write things down. Or plan blogs… that take me forever to write…)

6. Phone Charger. (Set Days are Loong! I bet you feel naked/cut off/bored without your phone too!)

5. Alcohol Spray. (Since I share my pads with the actors, and stunts tend to be sweaty, I want to make sure they’re smelling fresh!)

4. Toothbrush/Paste. (Again -Set Days are Loooong! They go by faster when your teeth aren’t furry. Also fights can get pretty up-close-and-personal, and I must protect the actors from my breath as well as physical injury!) I may as well add Deodorant. (When I’m leaving for set in the wee, small (dark) hours of the morning, I often forget certain morning steps – like putting on deodorant, and that just won’t do.)

3. A Book. (As you’ve probably heard, shooting is a lot of ‘Hurry Up and Wait.’ I find a good book helps with the waiting. Sometimes I’ll bring research material to prep for the classes I teach, but often I just need pure escapism.)

2. Make Up Remover. (I once had ‘leg tan spray’ applied to my face to darken me up to match an actor – at the end of a day you need to get that stuff off!!)

1. Nude Bra and Thong. (Leading Ladies don’t have panty lines, so neither can I!)


There you have it! I hope that was somewhat interesting! Any other Top Ten lists you’d be interested in? Tweet me! @CaseyHudecki or @TemperArts

Have a Great Day!


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