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Stage Combat touches on so many areas: partnered movement, breath, intention, voice, stagecraft, history, Shakespeare, Action films – and much more! It is a great way to get students physically engaged in theatre. Our classes can be expanded, contracted  and designed to fit any time frame and any curriculum. Below are the kind of classes that get requested the most.



FIGHTING FORM: Introductory Stage Combat Workshop (starting at $200)

A Basic Workshop designed to introduce students to the Safety, Staging, and Performance Concepts of Stage Combat. We do a short demonstration, breaking down the fundamental elements of a punch, then get students on their feet, leading them through the punch technique. We will apply this protocol to various techniques, and add on concepts like Victim Control, and Falling 101: Counterbalance.  

These single workshops can be done in one hour, but work best in a two or three hour time slot. Teachers are encouraged to let us know if there are themes or plays the students are studying, so that we can customize the workshop to the unit.  

FIGHT CLUB! Basic Unarmed Series (3 classes $450)

For teachers who wish to give their students more than just a taster of Stage Combat, the workshop series is ideal. This allows students to get a good grasp of fundamentals, and build on their skills every class. Students will learn a vocabulary of concepts and techniques that will culminate in a choreographed fight scene (we will provide choreography, or help the students create their own!)

The series can accommodate almost any schedule.

EN GUARDE! Basic Sword Series (4 classes $650)

This very popular series takes students through the basics of Stage Combat Swordplay. It is more advanced that the Unarmed course, and it is recommended (though not required) that they take at least an Introductory Stage Combat class first. 

This course cannot be less than two hours, as swordplay is more complicated. It is perfect for school plays requiring swords, and can transition into Fight Choreography.

THEY FIGHT!” 3-6 classes. (Starting at $500)

This program is designed to allow a professional fight choreographer to help guide the drama club /teacher through the design, rehearsal and execution of fight scenes for an upcoming production.

Newly Available:

AFDC Youth Certification CourseAFDC_Profile

This course is designed with Academy Fight Directors Canada’s high standard of training for students under 18. It consists of Unarmed and Sword courses, each 12 hours minimum, as well as a History and Industry Course. Students must perform a fight in each weapon system for an FDC adjudicator, and pass a written test on fight vocabulary and history knowledge. If they pass they will join the very respected ranks of FDC Actor/Combatants. 

This course can be done all in one go, or can be separated into smaller units. 

Full Course suggested minimum of 24 classes. Half Course Suggested minimum 12 classes.


*Prices vary, depending on travel time, size of class and weapon rental

*HST not included