Knifeplay at Bond vs. Bourne!

So this past November I had the pleasure and honour of being invited to DC to teach at Tooth and Claw“s Bond vs. Bourne workshop. It was an awesome workshop that focused on guns, knives, close quarter combat and parkour.

Those students were so lucky! They got to fire at least a hundred rounds of blanks each over the course of the weekend, got parkour lessons at Primal Fitness, learned all sorts of knife, gun and unarmed techniques and then applied everything they learned by creating a four-on-four throw down.


This was awesome stuff that you dream of doing: firing two guns at once, scaling a six foot wall by yourself, knife submissions, unloading an automatic, and then putting all those skills together in a performance.

I really appreciated that part of the weekend. So often when you take specialty workshops you get a few hours to play and learn but you never get to revisit it. Casey Kaleba and Matt Wilson designed the weekend so once all the classes were done, the last afternoon was spent putting a performance together. We choreographed a gun battle and then let them finish each other off with the knife and unarmed techniques they”d learned. It was a very satisfying way to end the weekend.

I went down to teach the knife class, and I had a lot I wanted to teach them. I am currently assisting Simon Fon put together a knife syllabus for FDC, so I am full of excitement for the material. Bourne and the new Bond have extremely efficient fight styles, so we focused on fast, effective and brutal techniques. We started simple, but we moved very quickly through probing to trapping and grappling distances – cutting, flaying, stabbing, checking and zoning all the way. I think I represented FDC well to the SAFD crowd, and apparently I only said “eh” once, at the end of the last day (I didn”t notice). Here are some shots from the workshop – and all the silly faces I make while I teach – courtesy of Craig Lawrence”s Fight Guy Photography. (sorry that link won”t last forever, as he”s moving his site soon).

Dealing with a Knife attack from behind – without your hands:

The Lazy “S” Knife Strip:

Bargaining Position:

And More….

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