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YOUTH CLASSES: Welcome to The School of Hard Knocks!

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Please wear comfortable movement clothing,

 [ddownload id=438] The Waiver and bring it to your first class.

Stage Combat Class

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Upcoming March Break Camp: TBA, 9am-4pm – late pick up available

575 Wellington St. W, Toronto


Students will complete the workshop with the knowledge that each fight must be safe, and tell a story – and each will have a copy of their own fight scene on camera! (DVDs will be edited and ready approx a week after the end of the session.)

This class is excellent experience for students hoping to audition for Arts High Schools or Universities. Sign up with a friend! 

Contact TemperArts@gmail.com to register. A minimum of 6 students/class is required for the workshop to proceed. Deposit of $100.00 will be required by March 1st, and full payment on first day of workshop.

Fighting is Fun! National Workshop 2012

Stage combat is an active way for kids to engage in theatre, learn discipline and teamwork while telling a story. The Audience sees characters in vicious conflict, when the reality is in fact quite the opposite: the actors must be in complete control, and working in harmony to create the illusion of chaotic violence. They will gain physical awareness as they learn to fully embody the illusion of power and force. They will learn to connect with a partner and go after an objective. All the while learning how to keep themselves and their partners safe.

Drama Programs would benefit strongly from these classes, but any class has much to gain from the empowering skills I have to offer. Hard Work and Focus are the only ways to learn anything worthwhile: Practice doesn’t make Perfect, Practice makes Permanent: So Make Your Practice Perfect!

For Available Class Packages see High School Classes


Adult Classes:
Professional Actors have an immediate need of stage fighting skills, as it teaches them how to keep themselves safe in the professional world. There is never enough rehearsal time, and getting actors safety savvy makes them an asset to any cast. In theatre there are no stunt doubles, and performing actions as simple as a faint or a trip is how actors most often hurt themselves. To perform violence with the full, aggressive commitment that is required to be believable, the actors must feel confident about the safety elements. The more training an actor has, the more they can freely commit to the performance.

  • Knowledge to Protect themselves on Stage or on Set
  • Prevent Injury to Themselves and Scene Partners
  • Become a more Marketable Actor
  • Ability to Physically Embody Power
  • Help Save a Production Time
  • Prevents Damage to Set, Costumes, Props


*Private/ Semi-Private Coaching: Have a physical role to play, or want to increase your marketability/ safety on set/stage? Classes can adapt to any skill level and weapon system.

*Fight Directors Canada Certification Classes: BASIC: Unarmed, Basic Sword, Quarterstaff; INTERMEDIATE: Smallsword, Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, Eastern Martial Arts: Unarmed; ADVANCED: Adv. Smallsword, Broadsword and Shield, Found Weapon, Rapier and Companion, Eastern Martial Arts: Armed. Students will learn each weapon discipline, including a fight scene to be performed at adjudication. 20 hours per weapon is mandatory.

*Acted Aggression: This class is being developed to work hand in hand with the more technique-based classes, focusing on finding a way for the actor to get the authentic emotional intensity required for most fight scenes. Using some Meisner-inspired exercises and guided emotional prep work, students will explore the gamut of emotions such as fear, anger, hurt and desperation associated with physical conflict. Putting the ACT in ACTION!

Corporate Classes:

Need a Fun, Team Building workshop? Are you a Drama Teacher that wants to add to their skill set?

*Introduction to Stage Combat Workshop– This workshop is an introduction to basic Stage Combat Stagecraft and Techniques. The class is designed to give participants a kinesthetic control and awareness, as well as the understanding of how to embody the illusion of power and force. The workshop will cover not only the basic techniques of falling, hitting, and reacting, but also the physical concepts behind them: such as synergy, grounding, sequential flow, measure and alignment. Participants will learn a choreographed fight scene with a partner: performing violent, chaotic-looking techniques, all the while keeping each other safe, and communicating non-verbally.


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