“We are in a great cultural shift and everyone is desperately trying to catch up. It takes a lot of guts, courage and humility to look at something that has been done a certain way for years and say, “we can do better.”
-Alicia Rodis, Intimacy Directors International, Intimacy Coordinator for HBO 


What is an Intimacy Coordinator?

  • An Advocate for the actors, ensuring they have agency over their bodies;
  • A Movement Coach and Choreographer for scenes of intimacy and simulated sex;
  • Liaison between Production and Actors;
  • Implements proper protocols for scenes of intimacy, nudity and simulated sex.

Hiring an intimacy coordinator or director is an important step Intimacy headshotin preventing abuse and harassment in the arts. Their contribution in pre-production, and on the day ensures there are no surprises and the actors and director are free and safe to tell the story they want to tell.

As an Intimacy Coordinator I draw on my decades of experience on set and on stage as a movement coach, fight coordinator, and performer. I have experience on both sides of scenes of intimacy, and I coordinate with compassion, specificity, and flexibility.

Not sure if you need an Intimacy Director (Theatre) or  Intimacy Coordinator (Film/Tv)?

Feel free to contact me to set up a consultation.

I have years of experience on set as a coordinator and performer; I am a movement instructor,  with training in Mental Health First Aid, sensitivity and bias training, and I am currently an IDI Apprentice Coordinator and Director.

Learn more about Intimacy Directors, Coordinators and Educators at Intimacy Directors International and check out Intimacy Coordinators Canada

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